Local Hospitals Receive $2 Million State Grants

Armstrong County Memorial Hospital (ACMH) and Indiana Regional Community Medical Center (IRMC) were each awarded $1 million in state Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grants today (August 1), according to Senator Joe Pittman and Representatives Jeff Pyle and Jim Struzzi.

“I am extremely pleased the state is making this significant investment to protect and improve the health and well-being of our local residents,” Senator Pittman said. “ACMH is moving forward with a major expansion and modernization project. IRMC is planning to redevelop an important piece of property along Wayne Avenue that could promote further growth around the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex, such as we have seen with the Hilton Garden Inn. This state funding supports the sustainability of independent hospitals in rural communities. These hospitals are focused on providing care in their home community, as opposed to those that are part of a larger network, which tend to be more focused on bottom lines and balance sheets.”

ACMH is planning to modernize its existing oncology wing through renovations and new construction. “From first-hand knowledge, I can witness with a degree of sadness that there is a readily identifiable need for a bigger oncology unit,” said Representative Pyle. “I’ve seen AHN nurses have to literally jump over people’s legs who were receiving chemo. Hopefully this funding will alleviate those issues. There are remaining questions that have to be answered but hopefully those discussions will take place very soon.”

“Oncology and Cancer care is a core service and of paramount importance to a community – it is no less critical than our hospital’s emergency department to Armstrong and our region’s population.  We sincerely appreciate and thank Senator Joe Pittman and Rep Jeff Pyle for their efforts in working to secure our state RACP grant,” said John Lewis, ACMH CEO.

IRMC is proposing to build a 15,000 square-foot care facility at the site of a former bank along Wayne Avenue. “This is part of a trend we are seeing across the nation, where hospitals are setting up satellite care centers to provide convenience and easier access for patients,” said Representative Struzzi. “This is a good move for IRMC and one that is worthy of state support.”

“Convenience for patients and access to care are the cornerstones of growth for IRMC,” said Stephen A. Wolfe, IRMC President and CEO.  “These funds will go a long way toward helping us fulfill our mission and we’re grateful for the support and hard work of Senator Pittman and Representative Struzzi.”

IRMC has served Indiana County and surrounding communities since 1914. As a nationally recognized employer, IRMC continues to meet the needs of patients and employees alike. IRMC maintains its commitment to serving the region by continually re-investing in its facilities, technology and people in order to provide the highest level of care possible.

RACP is administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational, and historical improvement projects. RACP projects are authorized in the Redevelopment Assistance section of a Capital Budget Itemization Act, have a regional or multi-jurisdictional impact, and generate substantial increases or maintain current levels of employment, tax revenues, or other measures of economic activity.

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