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Senate Approves Measure to End Governor Wolf’s Business Shutdown Order

June 09, 2020
Stressing that Governor Wolf’s extended lockdown of Pennsylvania is hurting families and doing irreparable harm to employers, the Senate today voted to approve a measure that would end the statewide shutdown, according to Senator Joe Pittman. Listen   [Read More]

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Meeting to consider SB 940, SB 1045, HB 896, and HB 1860

June 09, 2020
Senate Urban Affairs and Housing Committee | June 9, 2020 (approx. 2:00 p.m.) | Off the Floor (Senate Chamber and Virtual Participation) |     [Read More]

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Senate Approves $507 Million Support Package for First Responders, Nursing Homes, Long-term Care Facilities

May 12, 2020
When Senator Joe Pittman introduced Senate Bill 1122, the measure was intended to provide financial relief to Pennsylvania’s struggling volunteer fire companies and EMS stations. Listen   [Read More]

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Telemedicine Bill Sent to Governor

April 21, 2020
As Pennsylvania continues to cope with the impact of COVID-19, the Senate today (April 21) gave final approval to a bill that promotes telemedicine as a way to overcome barriers to quality patient care created by distance and reduce the costs of those services, according to Senator Joe Pittman. Listen   [Read More]

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Committee Approves Grant Program for Volunteer Fire/EMS Companies

April 20, 2020
The Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee today (April 20) reported out legislation introduced by Senator Joe Pittman (R-41st) and Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46th) that would establish a special one-time grant program for Pennsylvania’s volunteer fire companies and EMS squads as they address the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Listen   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Professional Liability Joint Underwriting Association

March 04, 2020
I asked about the amount of surplus money the PA Joint Underwriting Association has in reserves that could safely be appropriated to other causes during a #PASenate #PAbudget hearing.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: DEP (Part 2)

March 04, 2020
The Wolf administration’s proposed carbon tax is already hurting local operations and workers. I questioned DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell about what the administration plans to do for dislocated workers.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: DEP (Part 1)

March 04, 2020
At the Senate budget hearing with the Department of Transportation, I questioned Secretary Patrick McDonnell about the governor’s proposed Transportation Climate Initiative and the increase in gas prices it’s likely to cause, and the local impact of the administration’s plan to impose a carbon tax.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Penn College/Thaddeus Stevens College/Community Colleges

March 03, 2020
I discussed the value of articulation agreements at a #PASenate #PAbudget hearing with @PennCollege, @thaddeusstevens and @NorthamptonComm.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Conservation & Natural Resources

March 03, 2020
At the Senate Appropriations Committee budget hearing with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, I asked Secretary Cindy Dunn for a justification of the state moratorium on oil and gas leases on state park land, especially given the drop in Oil and Gas Lease Fund revenue.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: State-Related Universities

March 03, 2020
I raised concern about the competition between state system and state-related universities and asked whether satellite colleges should be realigned to reduce costs at a #PASenate #PABudget hearing.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Penn State Ag Research & Ag Extension

March 02, 2020
During the #PASenate #PA Budget on Penn State’s @agsciences & @psuextension I urged the agency to take an active role in promoting participation in the census.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Agriculture

March 02, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PAAgriculture, I raised concerns about the USDA’s Farm Service Agency and the proposed transfers from the Race Horse Development Fund.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Human Services

February 26, 2020
At the PA Senate budget hearing with the Human Services Department, I questioned Secretary Teresa Miller about the increase in Medical Assistance Transportation Program costs and how to prevent abuse of this assistance.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: PennDOT

February 25, 2020
At the PA Senate budget hearing with PennDOT officials, I questioned Acting Secretary Yassmin Gramian about plans to shift funding from local roads to interstate highways, as well as my legislation to reduce transfers occurring from the Motor License Fund to fund operations of our State Police.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: LCB

February 25, 2020
During a #PASenate #PABudget hearing with the PA Liquor Control Board, I asked about the number of state stores that operate on limited hours and whether LCB would reevaluate the merit of expanding hours.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Aging

February 24, 2020
  During a #PASenate #PABudget hearing with the Department of Aging, I raised concerns about the growth in costs for senior programs and the Department’s reliance on the Lottery Fund.   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Auditor General

February 24, 2020
  During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PAAuditorGen, I asked about the Governor’s proposed fee for state police service and the Auditor General’s public advocacy of the legalization of marijuana.   [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Department of State

February 20, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PAStateDept, I raised concerns about state licensing issues and asked about public education efforts for the election changes under Act 77.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: State System of Higher Education

February 20, 2020
I asked the @StateSystem Chancellor what Pennsylvania is doing to “right-size” its higher education footprint so that there are not too many schools straining the system. #PASenate #PABudget     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Board of Pardons

February 19, 2020
During the budget hearing with the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, I highlighted the disadvantages of Board members expressing personal opinions on controversial criminal justice topics.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Corrections/Probation & Parole

February 19, 2020
At the Senate Appropriations budget hearing with the Board of Probation & Parole, I asked Board Chairman Theodore Johnson if the state Victim Advocate should be a licensed attorney to represent victims before the panel.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Military & Veterans Affairs

February 19, 2020
During today’s #PASenate #PABudget hearing, I raised concerns with @PADMVA about providing care for homeless veterans and urged support for my legislation to provide property tax exemptions for more veterans in need.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Drug & Alcohol Programs

February 18, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PADrugAlcohol, I asked about the effectiveness of faith-based recovery programs, state support for local EMS programs     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Revenue/Lottery

February 18, 2020
During the #PASenate #PABudget hearing with @PARevenue and @PALottery, I questioned the impact of the Governor’s proposed carbon taxes and precautions to ensure Lottery technology upgrades are completed efficiently.     [Read More]

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Budget Hearing Q&A: Independent Fiscal Office

February 18, 2020
The PA Independent Fiscal Office noted that due to natural gas development, the PA economy is less reliant on oil prices. During the PA Senate budget hearing, I asked about the impact administration proposals on this new independence.     [Read More]

Sen. Pittman Urges Governor to Seek Federal Clean Coal Technology Grants

February 18, 2020
The federal government is offering millions of dollars to promote the development of innovative cleaner coal technologies and Senator Joe Pittman wants Pennsylvania to aggressively go after that funding.   [Read More]

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Senator Pittman Responds to Governor’ Budget Proposal

February 04, 2020
Senator Joe Pittman issued the following statement following today’s joint session of the General Assembly to receive the Governor’s 2020-21 budget proposal.   [Read More]

Bill Would Ensure Disabled Veterans Receive Property Tax Exemptions

January 16, 2020
Recognizing the sacrifices made by Pennsylvania’s disabled veterans, Senator Joe Pittman (R-41) is drafting legislation to ensure they receive the state property tax exemption they deserve. Listen   [Read More]

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Senators Unveil RGGI, Carbon Tax Legislation

November 19, 2019
Senators Joe Pittman (R-41), Gene Yaw (R-23) and David G. Argall (R-29) and other legislators today (November 19) unveiled and discussed bills that will be introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives addressing Governor Wolf’s proposal to have Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI).     [Read More]

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Governor’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Plan

November 19, 2019
Remarks of Senator Joe Pittman at a Senate Republican news conference to unveil and discuss bills that will be introduced in the Senate and House of Representatives addressing Governor Wolf’s proposal to have Pennsylvania enter into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and impose a Carbon Tax.   [Read More]

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Senator Pittman to Unveil RGGI Legislation on Tuesday

November 18, 2019
Senators Joe Pittman, Gene Yaw and David G. Argall and other legislators will host a press conference at Noon on Tuesday, November 19, in the Media Center of the State Capitol East Wing. |     [Read More]

Pittman Legislation Stresses Funding for Transportation Improvements

August 12, 2019
Senator Joe Pittman will soon introduce legislation to reduce the amount of funding diverted each year from essential transportation improvement projects to support State Police operations. Listen   [Read More]

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Senator Pittman Supports Passage of FY 2019-20 State Budget

June 27, 2019
The Senate today approved a Fiscal Year 2019-20 spending plan that includes no tax increases, makes a substantial investment in the state Rainy Day Fund, and provides more money for road and bridge improvements, according to Senator Joe Pittman.   [Read More]

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VIDEO: Senate Republicans: Funding What Works

June 27, 2019
Stressing that Senate Republicans support a strong safety net of programs and services to help Pennsylvanians in need, Senator Joe Pittman discussed specific funding in this year’s budget that will help the truly needy while using tax dollars wisely.   [Read More]

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Senate Republicans – Funding What Works

June 27, 2019
Senate Republicans - Funding What Works   [Read More]

Senator Pittman Appointed to PENNVEST Board

June 18, 2019
During his long tenure as Senator Don White’s Chief of Staff, Joe Pittman received extensive experience in working to secure PENNVEST financing for numerous vital water and sewer projects across the 41st Senatorial District. Listen   [Read More]

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Senator Pittman to Serve on Senate Appropriations Committee

June 13, 2019
With the deadline to adopt a state budget quickly approaching, Senator Joe Pittman will now have a seat on the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee that will play a key role in approving the spending plan.   [Read More]

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Senate Adopts Condolence Resolution for Brian Henry Swatt

June 12, 2019
The Senate today unanimously adopted a Condolence Resolution for Brian Henry Swatt, who served as a field representative in Senator Joe Pittman’s Indiana District Office, Indiana County.   [Read More]

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Senator Joe Pittman Takes Oath of Office

June 10, 2019
Even as State Senator Joe Pittman was formally sworn into office today (June 10) during a ceremony in the Senate Chamber of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg, the celebration was subdued as he mourned the passing of a member of his staff who died in a tragic traffic accident on Friday (June 7).   [Read More]

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Legislative Priorities

June 10, 2019
Senator Pittman discusses his legislative priorities as he begins his term representing the 41st Senate District.    [Read More]

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Death of Brian Swatt

June 10, 2019
Senator Pittman comments on the death of Brian Swatt, a member of his staff who was killed in a car accident in Armstrong County over the weekend.     [Read More]

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Senator-elect Pittman Takes Oath of Office on June 10

June 06, 2019
State Senator-elect Joe Pittman will formally be sworn into office during a ceremony set for 1 p.m., Monday, June 10, in the Senate Chamber of the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg.   [Read More]