Bill Would Ensure Disabled Veterans Receive Property Tax Exemptions


Recognizing the sacrifices made by Pennsylvania’s disabled veterans, Senator Joe Pittman (R-41) is drafting legislation to ensure they receive the state property tax exemption they deserve.

Senator Pittman’s bill amends an existing state program that provides real estate tax exemptions to honorably discharged veterans who are 100-percent disabled, served during war service dates set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and have a financial need.

Senator Pittman’s measure would exempt some federal funds provided to veterans from being considered as “income” for eligibility purposes. This would include funds for everyday functioning, caregiving, medication management and renovations to their residence to accommodate their disability.

“This is an issue that an Indiana County resident brought to my attention. He and other disabled veterans were barred from receiving property tax exemptions solely because the federal money that helped them meet basic needs pushed them over the state’s income limit,” Senator Pittman said. “That’s not right and that’s why I am drafting this legislation to exclude federal veteran’s disability benefits from the calculation of income.”

Senator Pittman’s bill will also eliminate the wartime service requirement for the property tax exemption.

“Regardless of when they served, the men and women who have become 100-percent disabled due to their military service have made a great sacrifice and they deserve this benefit,” Senator Pittman said. “It is only appropriate that we honor those who have sacrificed so much through their service to this great nation and our Commonwealth.”


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