Sen. Pittman Urges Governor to Seek Federal Clean Coal Technology Grants


The federal government is offering millions of dollars to promote the development of innovative cleaner coal technologies and Senator Joe Pittman wants Pennsylvania to aggressively go after that funding.

In a letter to Governor Tom Wolf, Senator Pittman said Pennsylvania should vie for its share of $64 million in US Department of Energy funding available for the development of Carbon Capture Technology (CCT) that provides cleaner, more reliable and highly efficient coal plants with zero or near-zero emissions.

“As you know, our Commonwealth remains a rich source of coal resources and coal-fired electric generation. The continued, responsible use of this God-given natural resource remains extremely critical to providing family sustaining jobs to the constituents I represent,” Senator Pittman wrote in his letter to the Governor. “Our Commonwealth should explore all avenues relating to CCT so we can use our resources efficiently while evolving into new technologies that ensure we limit carbon emissions when possible.”

In a February 7 press release announcing the grant program, U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette said the program is intended to develop the next generation of coal plants that would allow for the use of this “valuable natural resource in an environmentally responsible manner.”

Senator Pittman said Pennsylvania, with its existing coal-fired electrical generation plants, should be a leader in the effort to help the industry evolve and maintain its role as a major partner in the energy industry of the future.

“Together, we can champion opportunities available to invest in innovation that will lead to the construction of the next generation of coal-generated power plants around the communities in which current facilities are located,” Senator Pittman wrote. “We can meet your oft stated desire of reducing carbon emissions from electric generation while preserving economic opportunities in rural Pennsylvania. It is my sincere hope your administration will take seriously the potential of CCT and recognize its capacity to ensure Pennsylvania remains a net exporter of electricity.”

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