Senator Pittman Reappointed to PENNVEST Board

Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman today (March 16) reappointed Senator Joe Pittman to continue serving on the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) Board. He has represented the Senate Republican Caucus on the board since June 2019.

“I am truly honored to have the opportunity to continue serving on the PENNVEST Board,” Senator Pittman said. “PENNVEST financing has been a key catalyst in promoting several major water and sewer projects in the 41st District which have boosted our local economy and created job opportunities.”

PENNVEST provides grants and low-interest loans to fund sewer, storm water and drinking water projects throughout the Commonwealth. These projects not only contribute to improving Pennsylvania’s environment and the health of its people, they also provide opportunities for economic growth and jobs for Pennsylvania’s workers.

 “This financing is important and essential to municipalities and municipal authorities across the Commonwealth. It enables small communities to build essential water and sewer systems,” Senator Pittman said. “PENNVEST helps promote infrastructure improvements that enhance a region’s attractiveness for residential and commercial development.”

Click here for audio of Senator Pittman’s comments on his reappointment to the PENNVEST board.


Contact:          Jeremy Dias      


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