Senate Approves SGOC Option for First Responders, Veterans Groups


Recognizing that the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place a severe financial crisis on numerous volunteer and veterans’ organizations, the Senate today (May 25) approved legislation introduced by Senator Joe Pittman that will provide a crucial financial lifeline for those vital community organizations.

Senate Bill 243 would allow volunteer fire departments, veterans organizations and other non-profits to conduct online small games of chance fundraisers during the COVID-19 disaster emergency declaration. It also allows organizations to accept payment via mobile payment applications. The measure now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

“Due to restrictions implemented by the Governor’s continuing disaster declarations, these organizations have been unable to conduct many of the fundraisers they need to operate,” Senator Pittman said.  “Ensuring that these organizations have the financial resources to continue to provide critical services to our communities is vital.”

Licensees would be required to verify age and residency of those participating in the SGOCs and the ability to fundraise online would end on May 1, 2022 or upon the termination of the Governor’s COVID-19 emergency declaration, whichever is later.

Contact:         Jeremy Dias      

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