Senators Comment on Attorney General Shapiro’s Statements on RGGI

HARRISBURG – Senators Gene Yaw (R-23) and Joe Pittman (R-41) commented today on recent statements made by Attorney General Josh Shapiro in opposition to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI):

Candidate Josh Shapiro acknowledged today that RGGI could have a detrimental impact on Pennsylvania. We only hope that Attorney General Josh Shapiro will look at RGGI in the same light.

“We agree that RGGI is the wrong approach for Pennsylvania because it will drive up energy costs, chase away jobs to other states, and do little to nothing to improve the environment. That has been our position on RGGI since the outset. However, Attorney General Josh Shapiro had the power to stop this as part of the regulatory review process previously, and his office failed to act.

“His office could have another chance to review this regulation in the future if the legislature’s efforts to stop this regulation through the concurrent resolution process is unsuccessful. We hope the actions of Attorney General Josh Shapiro match the words of Candidate Josh Shapiro if or when he has another chance to put a stop to the devastating impacts of RGGI.”

Link to RGGI Regulation – Signed by Office of Attorney General on Page 65


CONTACT:           Nick Troutman (717) 787-7105 (Senator Yaw)

                                Jeremy Dias (724) 543-3026 (Senator Pittman)

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