Pittman, Major, Silvis: Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency Awards $1.2M Grant, $1.3M Tax Credit to Construct Senior Housing Project in Westmoreland County

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) awarded a $1.2 million grant and $1.3 million tax credit to construct an affordable senior housing project in Westmoreland County, said Sen. Joe Pittman (R-41) and Reps. Abby Major (R-60) and Jason Silvis (R-55).

“Seniors living on fixed incomes deserve safe and affordable housing,” Pittman said. “As the cost of living skyrockets, that need has never been greater. I appreciate the PHFA’s investment into our community and look forward to seeing the finished project.”

Homes Build Hope and MVAH Holding will use $1.2 million from the National Housing Trust Fund to build the Morning Sun Senior Lofts in East Vandergrift. The 42-unit community offers affordable housing to residents 62 and older. The project will also receive a $1.3 million tax incentive from the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.

“We should always try to repurpose property before building on land that has never been developed,” Major said. “I’m pleased to see the creative reuse of this school. This project will take an abandoned building and make it like new thus breathing some fresh life into our community.”

“This project is a win-win,” Silvis said. “We currently have a lack of affordable housing for seniors. Through this unique reuse, we not only are removing an eyesore, but also providing options for our older residents looking for places to live. In addition, this project will have a positive economic impact on our community.”

Since 1972, the PHFA has leveraged $16.5 billion of funding to secure more than 189,000 single family home mortgage loans, construct nearly 140,000 rental units, save more than 50,000 families from foreclosure and distribute $239 million to support local housing initiatives.



Jeremy Dias (Pittman)

Tracy Polovick (Major, Silvis)

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