Pittman Responds to Homer City Power Plant Closure

HARRISBURG – Today, Sen. Joe Pittman (R-41) has issued the following statement in response to Homer City Generation’s decommission announcement:

“For almost six decades, the Homer City Power Plant has served our community and the entire region very well. The news of this facility closure is extremely difficult to accept, and my hope is it will ultimately not occur. However, as we are faced with an uncertain future, we will move forward together and support the families affected by the loss of these good, family sustaining jobs.

“I am steadfast in my commitment to working with my colleagues locally, in Harrisburg, and in Washington, D.C., to support the local community and invest in needed resources to make the Homer City site as productive as possible for future economic opportunity. This is a challenging day, but we are a strong community and will weather this storm together.

“The impacts of this closure will be felt by communities throughout Indiana County and the entire region in Western Pennsylvania. Beyond our area, this troubling news is a realization that we as a nation are at risk of losing the reliability of our power grid. Removing this source of electricity production from our power grid will certainly not help to keep down costs for consumers. We must continue to advance initiatives that create greater energy independence for our Commonwealth.” 

Media Contact: Kate Flessner kflessner@pasen.gov

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