Pittman Voices Concerns with Shapiro’s Proposed Tax Incentive Plan


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HARRISBURG – During the Senate Appropriations Committee budget hearing on Friday morning, Sen. Joe Pittman (R-41) questioned state Budget Sec. Uri Monson and Acting DGS Sec. Reggie McNeil about the Gov. Josh Shapiro’s proposed $2,500 tax credit incentive that only applies to new teachers, nurses and police officers.

“It is critical we find ways to address the needs of our workforce across Pennsylvania. While I appreciate Gov. Shapiro recognizing the need to invest in the future of our labor market, his incentive is asking some employees to pay their taxes to benefit a certain subset of other employees, which is an approach that picks winners and losers. This specific proposal does not adequately address the crisis we have in our labor force.

“In Pennsylvania, we need a plethora of skilled workers across a wide array of fields. While police officers, nurses and teachers are vital to our communities, so are bus drivers, EMTs, correction officers and CDL drivers, to name a few. If we are going to incentivize individuals to enter our workforce, we should do that by taking less out of their paychecks. A personal income tax cut to allow all workers to keep more in their paychecks should receive serious consideration as part of the 2023-24 state budget.”

The Senate Appropriations Committee, chaired by Sen. Scott Martin, has completed their final week of a series of public hearings examining the governor’s budget proposal. You can find video and recaps of every budget hearing at PASenateGOP.com.


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