Senate Majority Leader Pittman Responds to Governor Shapiro’s Election Threats Task Force

HARRISBURG – Senate Majority Leader Joe Pittman (R-41) has issued the following statement regarding Gov. Shapiro’s announcement of the establishment of his “Pennsylvania Election Threats Task Force”:

“The Senate Republican Caucus has been and remains committed to strengthening election integrity in Pennsylvania because we believe that the foundation of a healthy and vigorous democracy requires free, fair, and secure elections.

“Much like Gov. Shapiro’s decision last fall to implement automatic voter registration, this task force was crafted by a unilateral decision made by the Shapiro Administration without any input from the General Assembly – the branch of government most representative of the will of the people of Pennsylvania.

“Pennsylvanians from both sides of the aisle have raised concerns regarding our elections in recent years, and Senate Republicans have led the fight to make critical reforms to restore faith in the voting process. This session the first piece of legislation advanced within the General Assembly was Senate passage of Senate Bill 1, which provided for a constitutional amendment on voter identification. Enhancing election integrity by adding another layer of security to our elections is something that would also increase voter confidence. We once again urge the House of Representatives and Governor Shapiro to allow the people of Pennsylvania to have a voice on Voter ID.”


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