Pittman, Cooper, Major & Rossi Announce $1.6 Million Awarded for Westmoreland County Communities

HARRISBURG – Eleven grants totaling $1,647,151 will be awarded through the Multimodal Transportation Fund and Local Share Account Category 4 Facilities Program (LSA) to benefit Westmoreland County communities, according to Sen. Joe Pittman (R-41) and Reps. Jill Cooper (R-55), Abby Major (R-60) and Leslie Rossi (R-59).

The grants were approved by the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) on March 26, 2024, in Harrisburg.

Multimodal Transportation Fund Grants:

  • Derry Business Park Redevelopment – The Westmoreland County Redevelopment Authority is receiving a $650,000 grant to construct internal roads for the Derry Business Park development in Derry Borough.
  • New Kensington Multimodal Park Improvements – The RIDC Southwestern Pennsylvania Growth Fund is being awarded a $500,000 grant to assist with road improvements at the New Kensington Advanced Manufacturing Park in New Kensington City.

Local Share Account Category 4 Facilities Program Grants:

  • Arnold City Salt Plow Truck – Arnold City is receiving a $30,000 grant to be used toward the purchase of a dump truck and plow for use in Arnold City. The new truck will replace their current 2000 GMC C-Series dump truck which needs repairs on a regular basis. The current supply chain issues result in downtime as this creates an issue receiving parts for repairs.
  • Avonmore Borough Playground Improvement Project – A grant in the amount of $185,465 has been approved for Avonmore Borough to install a play structure with ADA accessible activities. The structure includes a swing set and installation of an accessible walkway to access the new play structures, and safety surfaces under all of the existing play apparatus. Also included as part of the project will be the installation of benches, a picnic table, trash receptacles, and a bike rack. In addition, Avonmore Borough will construct new ADA parking spaces and remove and replace the existing trees.
  • Panizzi Road Culvert Replacement – Derry Township will be receiving a $60,000 grant to replace a local culvert on Panizzi Road. The culvert bridge on Panizzi Road in Derry Township has severely degraded causing concerns for roadway safety and the complete washing away of the supporting embankments.
  • Fairfield Township Municipal Building – Fairfield Township is being awarded a $34,211 grant to be used for renovations to their municipal building. The proposed project will update the office and public meeting room in the municipal building that was constructed in the mid-1970s and is in need of renovation. The project will make repairs to the uneven cement floor, replace the worn wall paneling, ceiling tiles, install two exterior doors, and modernize the electrical system.
  • Hyde Park Borough Security Cameras – A grant in the amount of $8,775 has been approved for the installation of security cameras in Hyde Park Borough. The two security cameras will be installed at the pedestrian bridge and at the park boat launch pavilion. Both cameras will be programmed into the existing recorder in the Borough office and will improve the security and safety of the public.
  • Dorothy Street Storm Sewer Repair – Lower Burrell City will be receiving a $30,000 grant for storm sewer repairs in the City.
  • New Kensington City Police Patrol – A $60,000 grant has been approved for New Kensington City to purchase a police Interceptor SUV with specialized retrofitting, which will be utilized by the New Kensington Police Department for patrolling their service areas. The SUV will replace a vehicle that was recently taken out of service due to ongoing mechanical issues.
  • Washington Township Mower – Washington Township will be receiving a $30,000 grant to purchase a new lawn mower. Washington Township’s current mower is 26 years old and frequently incurs high maintenance repair costs. The township needs to replace the machine with a reliable model that is able to help municipal workers perform essential duties.
  • West Leechburg Borough – A grant in the amount of $58,700 has been approved for renovations to a basketball court located in West Leechburg Borough. The project will repair the entire surface of the court including repairing cracks, paving the entire surface of the court, repainting basketball markings, and restoring the landscape around the court. The project will utilize materials designed to prevent future reoccurrence of the cracks.

“I’m proud to have worked with local and state leaders to advocate for this substantial state funding for projects within our region,” Pittman said. “These investments will have a positive impact on local residents, as well as help to advance local economic development for many years to come.”

“Our local officials balance keeping taxes as low as possible with providing services and amenities, and grants like these go a long way in accomplishing both,” Cooper said. “These investments in projects and equipment will be huge improvements to the delivery of things that residents want and need.”

“Each of these grants will address an important area project,” Major said. “I’m pleased to have advocated for these needs in order to address necessary work that will make the Alle-Kiski Valley a better place to live, work and visit.”

“These grants will go a long way in many areas to help promote improvements in security, water systems, infrastructure and safety,” said Rossi. “It is necessary we invest in communities that make up the 59th District because it will attract business growth and provide jobs. I support all efforts to rejuvenate our area. It was my pleasure to help advocate for this funding.”

The Multimodal Transportation Fund provides grants to encourage economic development and ensure that a safe and reliable system of transportation is available to the residents of the commonwealth. Funds may be used for the development, rehabilitation and enhancement of transportation assets to existing communities, streetscape, lighting, sidewalk enhancement, pedestrian safety, connectivity of transportation assets and transit-oriented development.

The PA Race Horse Development and Gaming Act (Act 2004-71), as amended, provides for the distribution of gaming revenues from Category 4 licensed facilities through the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) to support projects in the public interest within the host counties. Eligible applicants for Category 4 LSA funds must be located in Berks, Cumberland, Westmoreland, or York Counties, and can include Counties, Municipalities, Economic Development Agencies and Redevelopment Authorities.


Media Contacts:
Kate Eckhart Flessner (Sen. Pittman)
Jordan Frei (Rep. Cooper)
Tracy Polovick (Rep. Major)
Rick Leiner (Rep. Rossi)

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